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Asked to identify the key customer challenges in building and construction, Nunley says, “Customers want to see advancements in resiliency to handle the extreme weather hazards we continue to see. We are looking for further advancement in products that provide weatherability, UV protection, and strength versus traditional building materials.

“Like many industries, the biggest obstacle we face in the construction industry is resistance to change; however, there are so many improvements in plastics and composites which have advantages over traditional building materials,” Nunley says. “We continue to work closely with the construction community, demonstrating these benefits and how they can fit into existing codes and regulations.”

Here at the show, A. Schulman is showcasing its Polybatch EasyPour, complete product range of weatherable polymers; Eco-Flex RTPV; an extensive variety of PET masterbatches; and a range of bulk and sheet molding compounds (BMC and SMC). 

A. Schulman is also presenting its ‘Inspired by Innovation’ series as part of the NPE Expert Super Sessions located in the West Building. These presentations will review the latest trends and technologies addressing critical issues facing our markets today.